Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Been a While

OK, well, it's been a while since I posted something to this blog, and quite frankly I have a lot of updates since the last time I posted. I'm trying to prioritize everything, I can't say which is really top so just take this in any order you would like.

I'll start off with an update from one of my last posts which was the whole idea that Chase sucks the big one. After closing out our original account, and opening a new one, three weeks later, we get told that they are closing our account due to fraudulent activity with Brenda's on-line access. Well, that was from the original account and not the new one. We thought that got cleared up, then WAMU made the conversion to Chase. On Saturday, July 23, our cards were working properly, I went to Border's and Brenda took the kids to lunch and everything. Then, on Sunday the 24th, everything was blocked, we couldn't use the cards for groceries, gas, ATM, nothing. On Monday, we were told again that we had to move everything to a new account. This time we listened to them and moved everything to Bank of America. If it wasn't for my mortgage and HELOC, everything would be gone from Chase. They successfully did in less than a month what City Federal/Great Western/WAMU could not do in many years, which was lose a loyal customer. I would highly suggest against anyone going to Chase ever.

Second, after 6+ months of research, last night I got rid of my 2002 Ford Explorer and got a 2009 Hyundai Genesis v6 with the Tech package. The new car has everything one could ask for. The car is titanium gray metallic with black interior. The amenities are endless, including heated and cooled driver seats, bluetooth connectivity, XM Satellite radio and navigation, iPod connectivity, back-up camera, three zone temperature control, leather interior, steering wheel controls, automatic and turning with the curve headlights, and automatic wipers just to name a few. I feel like I got a good deal, according to my research, I was about $300 over dealer invoice, but according to the actual invoice they showed me I was $400 below. I'm sure it was somewhere in the middle, and at the end of the day, we were both happy. It's already dark outside so I can't get a picture of it right now, but I'll try to remember to post one later.

Third, I was supposed to be joining Shane, Lizzie, Boom, and my parents on a trip to Washington D.C. tomorrow. I was really looking forward to having some family time, and Brenda was really looking forward to a couple of days by herself, which I think she really needs since she hasn't really gotten that since Barbara passed in June. I was also looking forward to seeing the kids reactions to the history and museums that surround that town, and trying my best to explain what some of the history means. Additionally, I was looking forward to meeting up with Meghan (Brenda's cousin, Lizzie's Godmother) and finally paying her back for the dinner I owe her by going to Zaytinya, which is a phenomenal Mediterranean style restaurant. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances beyond my control have forced me to stay home and have my parents take care of all three kids. I'm sure the kids will have a blast, and I really wish that the circumstances that led to my staying home could have been taken care of earlier, but this only came up yesterday even though it had been brewing for two weeks. I'm sure it will work out eventually but it just really sucks right now, especially with the possibility that part of the kids' memories of this trip will be the fact that Daddy wasn't there.

Finally taking a page from Eric, I'll do a couple of "shout-outs." First to Eric who is having a difficult time this year as well, it will get better eventually. To Brenda, even though it's out of my control, I'm sorry. And to Beth Schopler, you better check e-mail addresses closer.